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Canon EOS 4000D or Rebel T100 DSLR Camera Review

By Jeremy Bayston  |  Submitted On October 18, 2020

Canon have made the EOS 4000D or Rebel T100 their cheapest DSLR camera, designed for entry-level photographers. As a result, they have cut a few corners to make it small, light and very competitively priced. But this is, in fact the very good camera for the price, and the corners Canon have cut are largely cosmetic in nature.

The sensor, which produces the 18 megapixel file, also produces Full HD video, which is 1080p, or standard HD video, which is 720p. In both cases, the video is very smooth and good quality.
The brain of the Rebel T100 is the DIGIC4+ processor. It's not Canon's newest processor, but it is a really good reliable workhorse and it can produce very clean and very crisp images with excellent color reproduction.


The 4000D produces an 18 megapixel image, which is not the largest available - the 2000D, which is the next DSLR camera in the Canon stable, produces a 24 megapixel file, and you can get cameras which offer 36 megapixel and more. However, the Rebel T100 can produce a 50 megabyte file, which is big enough for websites, your social media and to be printed in magazines and newspapers.

The ISO range on the Canon T100 goes from 100 up to 6400 and then can be extended to 12,800. There is some degradation as you go up through the ISOs. But I would say that you don't really notice that until about 3200 and the quality up to that point is really very good.

The LCD screen on the back is not very big- the camera is quite small - and it's not high resolution. So you can use it to check your composition or exposure, but I wouldn't really recommend that you edit your pictures on this LCD back screen.

There are two autofocus systems in the Canon 4000D, one that runs through the viewfinder, and one that runs through the LCD screen at the back. The one for the viewfinder is very quick and very accurate. And the one that runs through the LCD screen is not as fast, but also is quite accurate. The autofocus has nine autofocus points across the screen in a diamond shape. This is useful for moving your focus around the frame or if you're going to be shooting something that moves around in the frame, because it allows the camera to follow it.

Inside the camera, there are a series of very good features and creative filters, which allow you to change some of the styles of the picture that you take. And also to resize your image.

The Canon 4000D has eight presets, ranging from portrait, shooting landscapes sport, close up, and also even a food option. It also has the semi automatic modes, which are standard in all DSLR cameras - P, Shutter priority and Aperture priority. It also has full manual mode.


The Canon 4000D offers WiFi connectability so that you can take a picture, then use the WiFi option to send it to your mobile phone and upload direct onto a social media platform.
The Canon EOS 4000D is almost entirely plastic apart from the electronics. And this means that obviously it's lighter, and it's cheaper. However, this does not mean that the camera is not robust. Provided you don't swing it around your head and bounce it off the floor, this camera will be fine for everyday use. I've had my EOS 4000D for a year, I've taken it on two or three holidays. I've used it regularly on a day-to-day basis, and it's in perfect condition.


This camera is designed to work with canon EX flash guns and not third party flash guns. This is something worth thinking about as a new EX flash gun will cost at least $250 - the equivalent third party flash gun would be about $70. This only applies if you are going to use the flash on the camera's hotshoe. If you are going to use it as a slave flash, you do not need a EX flash.

The most obvious advantage of the Canon EOS 4000D one is the price. It is the cheapest mainstream DSLR available on the market at the moment. It has a superb sensor which will give you fantastically clear, sharp, good color reproduction images of a very good size. The processor is also very good, and will process your images very well with good color reproduction, and also process your videos, which it will also shoot to professional quality standard. So everything you need from a camera is in the Canon 4000D or Rebel T100.

Jeremy Bayston is a professional photographer and videographer and has 30 years experience as a picture editor for national newspapers in the UK. He has just launched his Superb Canon EOS 4000D course, which offers over 4 hours of video instruction about this Canon DSLR camera. If you have just bought the Canon 4000D or Rebel T100 camera, then this course is a perfect introduction to DSLR photography. Follow this link to find more information, including two full videos from the course.
Or check out this video


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Tips For The Best Event Photographer For Your Occasion

By Rupa Pathak  |   Submitted On February 13, 2021


Professional photography is a booming career option among young people these days. Different categories like wildlife, portrait, event photography, street, food - and some other types are available to become professional photographers.

Among these categories, event photography is considered to be a head term of professional photography.

For example, wedding photography is very popular. Along with pre wedding shoots, wedding photography can be the most promising career for a professional photographer. People often think this is a different genre of professional photography.

So, when referring to event photography they are talking about other events such as corporate parties, birthday parties, conferences, award ceremonies, trade shows, red carpet events, marketing events. Weddings are an event but most of the time are considered in it's own sub genre.

Who can be a successful professional photographer?

Event photography is mostly suitable for various types of personality. If you are fascinated by the photograph medium as an artful expression, it will definitely suit you. And it helps if you're a little technically minded too.

Here, we are sharing a few pro tips to become a successful photographer.

Concentrate on developing your photography skills

Generally, no perfect guidelines are there to become a good event photographer. Few people get a photography degree or attend a workshop from a professional photographer. While others believe that a college degree is a complete waste of time when you want to become a professional. Lots of books, websites and e-books are available to teach yourself about the basics of photography. Otherwise, you may prefer to learn from other established photographers. Whatever your decision is, if you are dedicated, you can achieve the best.

Get the appropriate equipment

The category of your photography will decide what type of equipment you need. In general, you may need a couple of camera bodies and an array of lenses to handle different situations. Some good speedlights to get started are also recommended. You will also need professional photo editing software. Additional equipment for lighting is also required if you are planning for an in-home studio.

Buy equipment economically

Quality equipment is important to take high-quality pictures. So, you may wonder whether it's required to invest all your savings in purchasing brand-new or high-end equipment to start a photography career. It's not necessary at all. You can buy used photography equipment that is available in good working condition. Purchasing old models at a discounted price will help you a lot to save your money for future investment. Also, you can rent or borrow equipment to start a professional event photography career. Once you are settled down, invest in a high-end and expensive kit.

Know your camera and lenses better

Know every setting, lighting mode, error messages your camera shows. Before starting the first paid photo session, you need to know all these to become a good event photographer. You should know about the lenses which one to use in what situation. Also, you should be able to change lenses frequently even keeping your eyes closed. Avoid fumbling with camera equipment. It will leave you completely unprofessional in front of your clients.

Start reading your camera's manual. It will serve you a detailed feature and you will know the camera functions.

To become a professional photographer, start practicing extensively at home. Experimenting with light and shadow, practice with different settings. It will help you to learn the basics of taking the best pictures with the available equipment.

Learn to creatively edit photos

A professional Sydney photographer knows how to edit photos using the best professional editing software such as Capture One. Good editing software can take a picture from good to great. But don't over-do special effects. Clients may not like the final products or overly edited photos.

The author is an experienced writer in different niches specifically in professional photography and event photography. She can give advice to the readers about how to become a professional photographer or how to be a successful event photographer. She also gives advice about how a professional Sydney photographer successfully organizes your personal event.

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How to Click a Great Candid Photo?

By Shalini M  |   Submitted On February 17, 2020


It is a bit hard to click a good candid photo. It is not about the photograph alone, but also the emotions captured with it.

To make it clear, candid photo means photos that were genuinely unplanned and unposed. Like the photo of a group gathering, beach trips, family activities, etc.

Here I am assuming that you are shooting using a DSLR. Some of the tips and tricks can be applied to smartphones as well, but it would be best with a DSLR. So let's get started.

1. Aperture Modes

Most of the DSLR out there in the market have something called aperture modes. Use them for candid photographs. Manual modes are too slow to capture a candid photo.

2. Use a zoom lens instead of a prime lens

The problem with candid photography is that it is fast changing. Within minutes you can go from a group photo to a cake photograph to another group photo. You don't have time to change lenses. So it is better to use a zoom lens instead of a prime lens.

3. Make use of ambient light and not flash

In candid photography, the photo scene changes very frequently. Whenever this happens, you should try to measure the quality of the light and then expose the camera accordingly.

4. AI Servo AF

Most DSLR has two autofocus modes. One is called Single Point AF-S and is the most widely used model. The other mode is called AI Servo AF, which is best for candid photographs. Remember on Nikon this mode is called Continuous AF-C.

5. Click lots of Photos

In photography the most common reason behind bad photos is hesitation. Do not hesitate to click photos. One more photo could mean capturing the best moment of the occasion. Moreover, in the case of candid photography, you don't know when the best moment would occur. You should not wait for the "perfect" shot. Instead, create one.

6. Click photos in burst mode

You can try shooting in Burst mode on Nikon or Drive mode on Canon. These modes allow you to click photos after photos in regular interval. This makes sure you do not miss that one "perfect shot". Once you let go the button, the snaps are stopped. This feature is a boon for a photographer working in a high-action shooting. Try it once and thank me later.

7. Never put down your camera

I simply cannot tell you how important it is to hold the camera. In the interval of finding the camera, picking it up, exposing and composing it and then snapping the shot, the moment can be missed. A golden rule: "Always keep the camera in your hand".

8. Try to shoot in RAW Format

The JPG format is not for candid photography! If you are willing to post-process the photos, then you should use RAW format. This format contains much more information than a JPG format. Moreover, it is much easier to edit RAW than JPG.

So, guys, these were 8 useful tips that can make you the king of candid photography. If you are looking for the best Candid photographer in Delhi NCR we are here to help you.

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