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 I am an ordinary person that loves photography. I have my AAS Degree In Electrical Engineering - Master In Electronics. I am a Computer Service Technician and a Electronic Technician. I have various certifications in the PC Field and have my General Ham Radio License. Call Sign KC2YTI General. I was a Certified Canon Warranty Technician. This is an affiliate website for Amazon and Ebay. I make a small commission when anyone purchases anything.

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One of the popular questions I always got asked when I was a certified canon repair technician was are the canon cameras junk or are they worth buying. Well my answer was that I did not see a large number of the canon cameras come in for repair. So that is a good thing, because it means that they do not fail out in the field. So yes if you are looking for a good camera, whether it is a starter camera, point and shoot, digital slr or mirror-less camera, Canon would be a very wise choice.

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