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Telescoping Fiberglass Masts Are An Excellent Way To Get Your Ham Radio Antenna Or Camcorder Up In The Air.

Do you have a favorite telescoping fiberglass mast ? You may want one of these types of mast for your portable back packing work. They are also very handy for field day. Some of these fiberglass masts are much sturdier than others. If fact my Mfj Fiberglass Mast is the heavy duty type and could support a small beam antenna. It could also support a lightweight camcorder as well.

  My advise is to shop around the internet and also on youtube. There are many different youtube videos that will provide excellent information.

Sometimes we Ham Radio Operators struggle to get are various types of Ham Antennas up in the air. This also goes for Photographers, when we need to get our Video Camcorders or Digital Cameras up in the air, so we can get an awesome photograph.

  Well the way to achieve this is to use a Fiberglass Telescoping Mast or Pole. Yes you could use a painters fiberglass pole, but it won't get you up high enough from the ground. So the answer is a Telescoping Fiberglass Mast.

 There are many different manufacturers of these Telescoping Fiberglass Mast. My two favorite places are on Amazon and Ebay. You will find them being sold by popular places like Mfj or Gigaparts, as well as others.

  If you need something sturdier then the fiberglass mast, there is the Metal Telescoping Mast. I use these to support various antennas and they work very well. They are not as portable as the fiberglass telescoping mast, but they do an excellent job.

  So use my ad search above at Amazon to find your preferred telescoping fiberglass or metal mast. There is also a button link at the bottom of the webpage to Ebay for some excellent deals on various types of masts.

Okay now for the photography part of things when using a mast or tower for your elevated or Ariel Photography. This is also known as Elevated Photography. You can watch the video below for a very good explanation on this subject.

  Some of these types of telescoping towers can be quite expensive. They are definitely for the professional photographer. You can always search at Ebay or Amazon for these types of towers.

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