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Nikon SnapBridge App.

Nikon SnapBridge Application

In the most recent of our arrangement on utilizing your cell phone and camera, Richard Sibley contemplates Nikon's SnapBridge application

Nikon Snapbridge

Having the alternative to remotely move pictures from camera to cell phone is incredible to have when you're voyaging

It was at CES 2016 when Nikon declared its SnapBridge application, close by the Nikon D500. This wasn't the first Nikon camera to have Wi-Fi availability; many had preceded including the Coolpix S800c which really utilized an Android working framework, giving it huge numbers of the highlights accessible to a cell phone. In any case, the presentation of SnapBridge proclaimed the up and coming age of Wi-Fi capacities in Nikon cameras and it has been the application that has been utilized from that point forward.

At the hour of composing the most recent variant of SnapBridge is 2.6.2 for both Android and iOS, so it is suggested you check you have this adaptation to profit by the most recent highlights and to guarantee any bugs have been resolved. It is likewise worth checking your camera's firmware, as certain models have been as of late refreshed to improve the experience when utilizing SnapBridge.

Cameras with Wi-Fi network preceding the presentation of the D500, of which Nikon records 45, must utilize Nikon's Remote Portable Utility application. The application is as yet accessible for download and was last refreshed by Nikon in April 2019.

Nikon Snapbridge screens

As these screengrabs appear, SnapBridge has a dull UI. Clients can choose which pictures they'd prefer to move from a display of little thumbnails


In the same way as other contemporary cameras the SnapBridge application offers its best availability when it utilizes a blend of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. By using Bluetooth 4.0 the camera and cell phone can identify one another and interface naturally, and will change to utilizing the quicker Wi-Fi association for moving pictures or utilizing the live view show.

Bluetooth 4.0 entered the market around 2012, so it is more than likely that the cell phone or tablet you are utilizing is fit for exploiting this type of network.

The individuals who don't have Bluetooth 4.0 can make a standard Wi-Fi association between the shrewd gadget and camera by turning on the camera's Wi-Fi and afterward interfacing the telephone to it utilizing a secret key, in the very same way you would interface with a Wi-Fi switch. A fundamental guide on the most proficient method to do this is found underneath.

There is additionally the choice to make an exceptionally snappy association utilizing NFC. Unfortunately for iPhone and iPad clients NFC isn't executed, however Android clients can exploit this strategy for matching by basically contacting the NFC spots on the two gadgets together.

Helpfully, on the off chance that you have more than one Nikon camera that you wish to utilize, the application makes it simple to switch between which camera you are combined to, with up to five cameras upheld.

Step by step instructions to interface a Nikon camera to Nikon Snapbridge

Nikon Snapbridge stage 1

1. Download

Download the Nikon SnapBridge application from the Google Play or iOS Application Store on your telephone or tablet. On your telephone ensure that you have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi both turned on.

Nikon Snapbridge stage 2

2. Associate

With the application introduced, open it and press 'Associate With Camera'.

Nikon Snapbridge stage 3

3. Select your camera

Tap on your kind of camera, either Advanced SLR Camera or Mirrorless Camera, and afterward press Wi-Fi Association.

Nikon Snapbridge stage 4

4. Associate and build up

Turn your camera on and select Wi-Fi Association or Interface with Brilliant Gadget (contingent upon camera model) in the Camera Arrangement or System menu. At that point pick 'Build up Wi-Fi Association'.

Nikon Snapbridge stage 5

5. Wi-Fi settings

The Wi-Fi name and secret phrase ought to be shown on the camera screen. Presently go to your cell phone's Wi-Fi settings and select the camera Wi-Fi and enter the secret phrase.

Nikon Snapbridge stage 6

6. At last

You should now be associated with the camera and can come back to the Nikon SnapBridge application to utilize the entirety of the network highlights.

Live view and remote shooting

At the point when it came to utilizing the live view alternative for remote shooting I had no issues getting my iPhone XS and Nikon Z 6 to match. The live presentation sprung up rapidly, and there was little slack between moving the camera and the view changing on my cell phone; this specific blending of camera and cell phone is by all accounts exceptionally responsive and usable.

There is a full supplement of presentation and shooting settings accessible when shooting despite everything pictures, with the introduction mode, shade, opening, ISO affectability and white equalization all equipped for being changed.

As we have seen already in Sony's Imaging Edge application, it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to change any propelled settings, for example, self-adjust or picture style. These must be set up as you need them before you begin remote shooting.


One of the primary advantages of having the option to shoot remotely utilizing a cell phone is the capacity to move the self-adjust point. Basically press the screen and the center position will move, with a little green box telling you that the picture is in center. How the self-adjust acts after this relies upon which AF mode you have your camera set to.

For those with Nikon Coolpix cameras by and large utilizing touch AF through SnapBridge will actuate AF following in the camera to follow a subject around an edge. SnapBridge will likewise permit some Coolpix models to zoom the focal point in and out by means of the 'W/T' catches which shows up on screen for good cameras.


Utilizing live view for remote video shooting is a lot of a similar encounter as when shooting despite everything pictures. You have a decision of either program or manual presentation settings, however unfortunately there is no screen need alternative. White equalization and ISO affectability can be changed, just as introduction remuneration in program (P) mode.

The Wi-Fi association permits you to move films from the camera to a cell phone, albeit interweaved and AVI recordings can't be moved. Playback of the documents, particularly 4K video records, is especially subject to your telephone. Films aren't played inside the application, yet whatever restrictive video player you use on your gadget.

Nikon Snapbridge white equalization

Here the application is being utilized to alter the white equalization of the camera remotely in opening need shooting mode

Picture move

Nikon is, at the hour of composing, one of just a couple of makers to permit the exchange of crude pictures through the application. With numerous cell phones and very good quality tablets, for example, the Macintosh iPad Ace, having the ability to alter crude pictures with applications, for example, Adobe Lightroom, the capacity to move crude pictures is a genuine in addition to point.

Be that as it may, don't hope to move several pictures over Wi-Fi. I found that a 24.5-million-pixel crude document from the Nikon Z 6, including 32.9MB worth of information, took around 41 secs to move. So for the odd picture that you may need to rapidly alter for web-based social networking it tends to be extremely valuable, yet in the event that you plan to genuinely utilize a cell phone for altering loads of pictures in a hurry, utilizing a fitting card peruser and connector is the better alternative.

Clearly moving JPEG pictures is quicker, with a 4.5MB full-goals 24.5-million-pixel JPEG document showing up on my iPhone around 5 secs later, while a low-goals 2-million-pixel picture sprung up after only a few seconds. The 2-million-pixel picture move alternative is valuable when you need to rapidly share a picture, and the documents are so little they help to spare extra room on your cell phone.

Choosing the pictures by means of the application is extremely clear, with individual or group moving conceivable. I thought that it was extremely instinctive, as it ought to be for anybody acquainted with perusing through pictures on their cell phone.

Area information

Another way that Nikon SnapBridge can exploit utilizing Bluetooth association is to add GPS area information to pictures. Found in the Autolink menu there are two key choices – Synchronize Tickers and Synchronize Area Information. Turning both of these settings on implies that the camera settings will change to show the right nearby time, as per your telephone, and it will likewise add the GPS area information to each picture.

There is a further setting concealed in the fundamental settings (distinguished by the three level lines at the top) that empowers the GPS Exactness to be changed between Low, Medium and High. The various settings modify the measure of time between co-ordinates being sent to the camera. The Low setting will send the co-ordinates to the camera at more slow interims than utilizing the High setting, which may bring about them being less precise in the event that you are taking pictures and moving rapidly. On the other hand the High setting will be progressively precise, though at the expense of telephone and camera battery life exhausting quicker.

Nikon Snapbridge picture space Nikon Picture Space

Nikon gives a free photograph sharing assistance for its clients called Nikon Picture Space. On the off chance that you own a Nikon camera and register, at that point you can get up to 20GB free stockpiling for your pictures, while 2GB are accessible for non-Nikon clients. Pictures that you have taken on your cell phone can likewise be transferred.

Inside SnapBridge it is conceivable to choose pictures that you have moved to the telephone to be consequently transferred to Nikon Picture Space, guaranteeing that your best pictures are constantly sponsored up on the web. You can likewise back up a boundless number of 2-million-pixel pictures, without them being a piece of your 2GB or 20GB stockpiling portion.

From inside Nikon Picture Space it is conceivable to list and chronicle your pictures dependent on evaluations, watchwords and areas, just as sort pictures by any number of various metadata properties, for example, focal point, camera or even opening utilized. This can be valuable for discovering which pack and settings you utilize the most.

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