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Photography And Ham Radio

  So you may be asking yourself, how can Photography and Ham Radio work together. Well one way is through communication in the field. For example, a Photographer may be out in the world somewhere photographing nature or maybe landscapes. If you fall into some kind of trouble, you are going to need a way to get help. There are times when you cell phone may not have a signal. So now you are stuck with no way of letting anyone know you need help.


  Well if you have a Ham Radio in your vehicle, you may have a better chance at reaching someone. If you have a 2 meter radio, then you may be limited unless you can reach a repeater. Now if you have a HF Ham Radio, then you will have a much better chance of getting help. Your signal will be heard hundreds if not thousands of miles. This is especially true if you have for example at least a 500 watt amplifier involved. Now this is if you are using you vehicle.


  Basically you need to at least have your General Ham Radio License, HF Ham Radio capable of 100 watts output and an Antenna. I have seen Ham Radio Operators reach across the United States, using only 100 watts or less. If you have the amplifier, it's just that much better. Now as far as an Antenna goes, you have quite a few different choices. I would bring a good Multi-band Dipole Antenna that can be strung between trees. Make sure to have 50 to 100 feet of coax cable handy. A good mobile antenna are the Tar Heel Screwdriver Antennas. They can handle a good amount of power and cover many Ham Bands. There are other mobile antennas that will perform quite well, such as Ham Sticks.


  Your best bets for communication are on the 20 meter band and the 40 meter band. These two tend to be the most popular. The 80 meter ham band is not a bad idea either.


  The other places where Photography and Ham Radio can come together are for working on your Ham Antennas at your Ham Shack. You for example may use a good Dslr Camera with a good Telephoto Lens. You should be able to get a close up picture of your antenna that may be installed at a good height. Another popular item that can help, would be a Drone with a Camera. Yes you could fly it up to your antenna and watch a live video or take photographs. Finally the other situation, would be field day with all your Ham Radio Friends. There is nothing like keeping a good memory log of all your friends and the fun you had.

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