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My Information About Photography & Ham Radio Etc...

 I am an ordinary person that loves photography. I have my AAS Degree In Electrical Engineering - Master In Electronics. I am a Computer Service Technician and a Electronic Technician. I have various certifications in the PC Field and have my General Ham Radio License. Call Sign KC2YTI General. I was a Certified Canon Warranty Technician. This is an affiliate website for Amazon and Ebay. I make a small commission when anyone purchases anything.

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Many of us want a camera that is easy to use and can be carried easily in a purse or maybe a backpack. Well my answer to that would be the simple and easy to use point and shoot camera. You will find that Canon, Nikon and other manufacturers are making some really nice point and shoot cameras these days. All you have to do is read the reviews and you will find that they are awesome. They also are the best when it comes to being simple to use. They make an excellent Christmas gift, birthday gift or just a camera to take with you to college.