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Best Cameras For The Beginner In Photography

When you are starting out in photography, you don't want a camera that is too difficult to use. Some of today's cameras may have an intense menu to tackle. When I was young, I had what was called an instant camera with a flash cube that turned. You installed a film cartridge and off you went. There are cameras today that are similar, but are digital and do not use film. They are in the Point And Shoot Category.

If you want a little bit more involved camera, then I would suggest a DSLR Digital Camera. Canon makes the EOS Rebel T7 that fits this category. It is not as expensive as a camera in the professional category and can be in the $400 to $500 dollar range. I have the canon rebel eos t6 dslr camera and it does a very good job. My daughter has the newer Canon Rebel EOS T7 and she loves it.

There are some point and shoot cameras that resemble a dslr camera and they are very good for beginners. I have seen some made by Canon, Fugi, and Panasonic. The Panasonic Lumix FZ80 would be a very good choice for the beginner. They are easier to use, less

expensive, take a very good picture and are an excellent choice for the beginner in photography.

Finally the last choice is to buy a beginner camera that is in what is called a bundle package. This basically means that it comes with various accessories. They generally include a few different camera lenses, filters, memory, bag and a few other items that a photographer would use. If you would like to check out one of these bundles, just click the picture to the right.

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