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The Best Camera For A Beginner

So which camera is the best for a beginner ? In my time when I was younger, it was an instamatic camera with the flash cube on top. You basically moved the thumb wheel until it stopped. You had a cartridge installed that held the film. You pressed the button, the flash cube flashed and you were done. Never touch the flash cube right away, because it was hot.

So in today's world, it's a digital world. Yes there are cameras that do use 35mm film, but generally digital is the way to go. Yes I have my Canon EOS Rebel T6 Dslr Camera and it takes awesome pictures. I would not recommend it for a young child starting out, but it is okay for a teenager to adult. The newest model is the Canon EOS Rebel T7 Dslr and my daughter uses one and loves it.

There are some very basic point and shoot cameras for the younger crowd that do a good job. You can spend money on a more expensive point and shoot camera, if you prefer. Popular brands tend to be made by Canon, Sony and Nikon. There are some models made by Kodak and Fugi that perform okay. What it comes down to is what your budget is. The point shoot cameras do not have a removable lens, they do have a telephoto telescoping lens.

So when it comes down to it, I would suggest a Point and Shoot Camera for the beginner. Take the time to visit my photography website and check out all the cameras. My photography website, is a affiliate website, which means that if you click on anything and purchase it, I earn a small commission.

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