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Where Do I Go To Take Awesome Photographs ?

I can remember long ago in photography class thinking, where do I go to take some really cool photographs. What I realized is that some awesome photographs are right in your own backyard, specifically in your own house. What I did was look around my bedroom and see what was really there.

Yes after sitting awhile I started to see various things that may look cool. I grabbed my guitar and started looking at it from different directions. I looked at it from the neck and down the strings. Snapped the picture and it looked pretty cool. I took photographs of things like an old whisky bottle, sitting on an old kitchen chair with a bright light shining down on it. I took pictures of some of my brothers models that he had built. I even took a picture of my Timex

watch laying on my white bed sheet.

I came to the realization that the pictures are all around us and all I had to do was open my eyes. Now the pictures were not just inside the house, they were outside too. We lived behind a school, next to the school gates. It was a cold winter day and there was not a soul around. I took a picture of the walkway with some light snow on it. When I looked back at that photograph, I could see the emptiness that was present. Even just a picture of the sun glaring through the leafless, lifeless branches of the tree made for a very interesting photograph.

My point is that the photographs waiting to be taken are all around us. They are just waiting for you to snap that picture and share it with the world. My daughter loves photography and this is what I have taught her. As you are walking through the park take a picture of anything that catches your eye. She has done that and take some amazing photographs. Yes some are right form our own back yard.

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