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  If you are going to be out in the field when taking photographs, you will need some survival help. You never know when problems are going to happen. You could be out in the mountains taking photographs and the weather takes a turn for the worst and you are stranded.

  The first thing you should have is a good form of communication. Now that can be in the form of a cell phone, but what if there is no signal. The best form of communication is going to be Ham Radio. I would suggest a HF ( High Frequency) Radio that will work on the 20 Meter, 40 Meter and 80 Meter Bands. Handheld Ham Radios are mainly for the 2 meter band and has a short communication distance. They are good if you are working with more than one person in the field.

  I would suggest a Ham Radio that can be a base radio or a portable ham radio. You may find a good deal on Ebay in a Used Ham Radios. Otherwise, you would be looking into a New Ham Radio. Besides the radio, you will need a power source and a good Ham Antenna. The best brands of ham radios are Icom, Yaesu and Kenwood. There are some other brands that may be cheaper and will work.

  I would also have a good HF Ham Radio in your Vehicle. Make sure you have a good mobile antenna on your vehicle. Now the Ham Antenna that you could use in the field is a Multiband Wire Dipole Antenna that covers 10 Meters through 80 Meters. This can be strung up between a couple of trees. I would have some UV Protected Rope or Parachute Cord.

  The next thing you should have is a way to make fire and also to have food. You could have a knife with a good fire starter. There are small burners that are easy to carry in a backpack. There are plenty of different kinds of freeze dried foods that actually taste pretty good. You should have some water tablets to purify water, otherwise you will have to boil it. I would have various knives, spoons and forks to eat with. Now you will need a good backpack to carry all you items.

  The next item proper clothing that you can wear in layers. This way you can remove or add clothing according to the temperature. I would make sure that you have good hiking boots to keep your feet warm and dry. Make sure to have few good hats to keep your head warm if needed.

  The next items to be concerned with are involving shelter. There are some lightweight tents that are easy to carry and will provide good shelter. I would have some of the thermal shiny blankets that will keep you warm. You could keep a warm sleeping bag in your vehicle. You should never walk away from your vehicle if you are stranded. I would always have plenty of water proof matches and a good first aid kit. I would also carry some flares and a flare gun to signal for help. I would also have a gun with plenty of ammunition in case you need protection or for hunting for food.

  Now back to the Ham Radio situation. Your ham radio in the vehicle will only last as long as the battery lasts. Now some portable ham radios or Handheld Ham Radios will function off rechargeable batteries.  There are a couple ways to recharge these types of batteries or provide a good power source. There are portable emergency radios that can recharge the batteries, flashlight and a cell phone. The best power source is a portable solar power panel. The only drawback is that it needs the sunlight, but is well worth it.

  The moral of the story is always to be well prepared

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